I’m on the lookout for vZome strut orbits that merit a defined color, because they appear naturally in geometric models. I stumbled over one such orbit while experimenting with using the Chord Ratio Construction to build an affine-regular decagon.

Pink struts appearing in an affine decagon construction

(Of course, the pink orbit first appeared as a white, automatic orbit, but I’ve already associated the pink color in these designs for clarity.)

By itself, the appearance here is interesting, but not terribly compelling as a reason to assign it a color and name. However, this orbit also turns out to be one of those identified by Nathaniel Lindell as interesting for another reason, discussed in this earlier post.

Using pink struts to define the vertices of a Zome-constructible polyhedron

You can enable the pink color for this orbit by placing these lines in your .vZome.prefs file:

# HTML pink

As indicated, the RGB value of the color is exactly the value associated with the HTML color named “pink”.